Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Arizona Chambers of Commerce Partner with Fundera to Fund Small Businesses

At Fundera, we know small businesses need funding to grow both the local and national economy. We believe that communities should prioritize funding these businesses as an investment in their future.

For example, in recent years, Arizona small businesses employed over 979,412 people and created approximately 40,000 new jobs.

Arizona Chambers of Commerce & Fundera Help Small Business Owners

Today, we’re proud to announce our partnership with two of the leading small business organizations in the state of Arizona: the Arizona Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce—the largest Latino organization in the state of Arizona—and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which aims to support the voice of Arizona’s business.

“Our business community has been challenged in recent years in accessing capital to grow their businesses. This portal dedicated to Arizona small businesses will provide alternative financing solutions for businesses throughout the state,” said Lea Marquez-Peterson, President and CEO, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

“These outlets are exciting because they couple emerging technology with a real need in the marketplace to increase access to capital,” Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry President and CEO Glenn Hamer said. “To have a unique online portal designed specifically for Arizona business is welcome news.”

“We’re excited to see these two Chambers of Commerce make small business financing a top priority. With 45% of the Arizona population employed by small businesses we need and want to make sure they have the right financing products to grow,” said Jared Hecht, co-founder and CEO of Fundera, the small business loan marketplace.

When a business owner needs something as important to their business as new inventory, working capital, or money for payroll, they usually need it fast. Unfortunately, applying for a loan isn’t always a quick process.

Our New Arizona Small Business Loan Center

By visiting Arizona’s Fundera-empowered loan centerArizona small business owners can complete one simple application and apply to dozens of the industry’s best small business lenders. They will then work alongside their very own funding specialist to make sure they understand their loan options and potential offers.

Businesses across the state can now get funding assistance fast, free, and without ever leaving the loan center.

“If you look at Arizona small businesses, particularly Hispanic small businesses, they really are small,” said Arizona congressman David Schweikert. “They’re often very family-centric, cobbled together with capital from friends and family.”


With this partnership, we hope that more small business owners can get the funding they need to streamline and expand their businesses. We’re proud to call Arizona our first state partner and we look forward to helping small businesses together.

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