Monday, May 9, 2016

This Diner Serves Up Food That’s Good for You—and Good for the Planet

Grazin’s Grassfed Burgers: A Small Diner Aims to Make The Cleanest Burger You’ll Ever Eat from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

Andrew Chiappinelli doesn’t just run a burger joint. He wants to start a revolution.

“We’ll put 97 octane into our German sports car and then drive it through the Dollar Menu and put the worst fuel into our body,” he says. “It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Chip, as he’s known to his friends, owns the first animal welfare-approved restaurant in the United States. From a restored 1947 diner in Hudson, New York, Chip serves up classic American dishes made exclusively with locally-sourced produce and humanely-raised meat.

Chip’s small business journey started with a curiosity about where our food comes from. The son of a farmer, he saw firsthand how the living conditions of livestock affected the animals, their meat, and the people who ate them. He wanted to build a business where others could witness those effects, too.

Chip knows that his diner’s guiding principles aren’t for everyone—customers who come in expecting brand-name sodas and greasy fries will be disappointed. But Chip isn’t here to please everyone, and he doesn’t abide cutting corners to make an extra buck. In his words, “We were going to be the people who were okay not having tomato on a burger until we could grow them locally.”

Fortunately for Chip, the food speaks for itself. His diner draws plenty of customers who come for the mouth-watering burgers and stay for the satisfaction of doing something good for their bodies and the planet.

Chip’s favorite thing on the menu? He keeps it simple: “Cheeseburger with pickles!”

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