Tuesday, January 19, 2016

7 Places You Can Find the QuickBooks Community Online

So, you finally did it. You’ve made it to the big leagues. You have QuickBooks.

Full disclosure: having built my entire career around it, I get weirdly excited when I find out that a business owner uses it, or that an accounting professional has decided to support it in their practice.

But now what? How do you learn everything you need to learn to get the most out of it?

Luckily for you, I have a list of QuickBooks Communities. And each QuickBooks Community that I’m listing is more amazing than the one before it. (Okay, not really—they’re all different, and have their own strengths.)

  1. The QuickBooks subreddit is a great place to learn and lurk. If you’re not big into Reddit, don’t worry! It’s a great community to ask questions and interact with other like-minded QuickBooks fanatics.
  2. Facebook groups like Between Wall & Main. Not just a QuickBooks Community, this group of accounting professionals and business owners is willing to help with any sort of business question. Positive, upbeat, funny, and helpful!
  3. Check out QuickBooksUsers.com, but don’t let the corporate look push you away. This place has a pretty active forum and lots of people willing to help out.
  4. Last, I want to mention QuickBooks.com: the original QuickBooks Community. Questions asked by users and answered by experts, other users, and Intuit employees can be found by clicking Learn & Support and choosing QuickBooks Help.

There’s four great QuickBooks Communities for you to reach out to get answers to your questions, help someone with their problems, or just, you know, bask in the nerdiness of us diehard QuickBooks fans.

Each of these other three isn’t necessarily a QuickBooks community, but they’re all resources that offer great guidance.

  1. Seth David has a YouTube channel with plenty of videos on how to do things in QuickBooks.
  2. The entire QB Show archive. I’m partial to this one because it was my show for 5 years. Interviews, how-tos, cats. Lots of good stuff there.
  3. Also, the QB Show YouTube page has tons of additional information for you if the other communities haven’t solved your dilemmas.

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