Monday, June 5, 2017

How One Small Design Studio Attracts Big-Time Clients

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Eight Hour Day is a small operation with big-time customers, which is just how Nathan Strandberg and Katie Kirk like it. This husband-and-wife team loves running their own show, from operations to accounting, all while turning out breathtaking design work for a long list of high-profile clients.

You might have encountered the couple’s designs on the shelves at Target, on Facebook, or in The New York Times—and the list goes on. The couple works in close collaboration on most projects, each taking a stab at new assignments and expanding on whichever design the client likes best.

They often get résumés from fellow designers they admire who are interested in joining the team, but neither Strandberg nor Kirk feel like expanding. “Both of us really just want to keep the creativity in the family, if you will,” Strandberg says.

While Strandberg and Kirk are master designers, they still feel they have plenty to learn when it comes to running a business. “You kind of have to learn all of it fast, and that doesn’t stop, actually,” Kirk says. “That keeps happening, so you’re always learning new things.” The constant effort, however, is worth it. As Kirk explains, “Running the show is just a really great feeling.”

Watch the video for a glimpse at the Eight Hour Day studio, the duo’s creative process, and some of their most delightful work.

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