Monday, May 22, 2017

This Small Business Satisfies Sweet Tooths Around the World

Zukr Boutique from Paul Bates on Vimeo.

Long before David Simak became a baker, his grandfather gave David a piece of career advice he’s never forgotten: “You should stay in the kitchen, because people will always eat.”

And that’s exactly what David did. He and his wife, Maggie, operate Zukr Boutique across the pond in Edinburgh, Scotland, whipping up handmade confections and distributing them worldwide (with a little help from their “official” taste-testers, their two kids). David crafts each chocolate and pastry by hand, while Maggie manages their business operations and branding.

Everything about their boutique—from the hand-painted truffles to the pristine packaging—is delicate, precise, and utterly mouth-watering.

Maggie and David run a tidy storefront in Edinburgh, but the majority of their business happens online. Though not typical for a patisserie, the decision to focus on their online business has allowed Maggie and David to put more resources into perfecting their products and delighting their customers. Fans of Zukr can shop from their desktops wherever they are in the world.

And though they don’t get to meet every customer face-to-face, Maggie and David still hear from delighted customers. “That’s the single most rewarding thing,” Maggie says.

“It’s an art—it’s passion,” David says of their business. Watch the video for a closer look at Zukr’s one-of-a-kind creations and the incredible detail present in every aspect of this small business.

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