Monday, May 8, 2017

This Small Business Owner Is Planting Seeds in a Concrete Jungle

Small Business Stories: Brook Landscape from Brook Landscape on Vimeo

If you think the landscaping business is all about sprawling suburban lawns, you haven’t met Brook Klausing. This small business owner has staked his claim in a place known more for its concrete jungle than its lush greenspaces: New York City.

Brook has always loved the outdoors. As a kid in Lexington, Kentucky, he dreamed of owning a camping store and cut lawns with his brothers for pocket money. Their slogan? “Cut class to cut your grass.”

Brook loved crafting beautiful greenspaces and bringing great design to outdoor gathering spots. After moving to New York City, he joined forces with an architecture firm and founded Brook Landscape. Together, they’ve been beautifying the city ever since.

“As a designer, my goal is to get people to look at these environments as their favorite place to be,” says Brook. He focuses on the emotions he wants his landscape designs to inspire, drawing inspiration from the feelings a well-designed garden should create. That vision, combined with the firm’s architectural expertise and Brook’s horticultural background, has helped Brook Landscape carve out a successful niche in a notoriously competitive city.

“I’m ready to take my career and the name I’ve made for myself and push it towards a connection between people and the planet they live in,” Brook explains.

Watch the video to see Brook at work on the rooftops and gardens of New York City.

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