Saturday, May 27, 2017

This Philadelphia Small Business Owner Is Getting Her Hands Dirty

Patrice Banks – Girls Auto Clinic from Gail Mooney on Vimeo.

Before Patrice Banks opened her small business, she turned to other women in her community and asked what they needed. What did they wish they knew? What did they want to learn more about? One common answer intrigued her: Women wanted to know more about taking care of their cars.

Today, Girls Auto Clinic is solving that problem for women in Philadelphia through Banks’s hands-on workshops. She draws from her background in automotive engineering to educate and empower her female students, arming them with the knowledge to take care of their vehicles.

Banks provides a low-pressure environment for women to ask questions, learn what’s under the hood, practice servicing their own cars, and get their hands dirty.

Banks wasn’t always an automotive expert, she admits. “I was kind of a turn-the-key-and-go person. I was always in that desperation stage where it was like my car controlled me. I didn’t like feeling that way; it was a powerless situation.”

Many of the women who visit Girls Auto Clinic, Banks explains, experience that same powerless feeling—something she hopes her business can eradicate.

Banks’s vision doesn’t end with Philadelphia. She’s got big plans for her small business.

“My vision with Girls Auto Clinic is for it to be a household name. I want to reach every woman driver in the United States,” she says. “I want to change the relationship women have with their cars.”

Watch the video for look at Banks’s workshops and how Girls Auto Clinic is transforming her community.

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