Friday, May 5, 2017

Intuit Go Payment: Bookkeeper’s Best Secrets Shared

My last article was all about QuickBooks Credit Card Payments. In it, I mentioned the Intuit GoPayment app but didn’t go into any details. This month, I’m digging into the details of Intuit GoPayment and show you how easy it is to use.

What is Intuit GoPayment?

Intuit GoPayment is the mobile aspect of the Intuit’s credit card processing service. Users can connect it with their existing QuickBooks payments account or use it as a standalone solution for accepting payments (of any kind, and I’ll show you that in a just a bit).

Who should use Intuit GoPayment?

In my opinion, anyone who needs to accept mobile payments is a great candidate for Intuit GoPayment. A few of my favorite examples:

  • Girl Scout troops: As someone who rarely carries cash, or even a purse—I use a phone card case like thisI know I would buy so many more boxes of Samoas if the girls selling them take cards.
  • Craft or art show/festival vendors: I’ve made many impulse purchases at art shows, only because the artisan accepted credit cards.
  • Field service workers: Well, really any company that provides services. We just had to have our sprinkler system repaired, new brick pavers installed, and are about to have our deck rebuilt. All three companies had their technician or foreman take payment via mobile.

What are the pros and cons of Intuit GoPayment?

  • Pros: Accept payment anywhere via cash, check, or credit card. Let employees accept payments without having access to your QuickBooks. Get notified when a user takes a payment. Easily import transactions into QuickBooks.
  • Cons: Cash and check payments won’t import.

How does Intuit GoPayment work?

If you don’t have an existing QuickBooks Payments account, you can sign up here. You choose between two plans:


If you do have an existing QuickBooks Payments account, you can log in to your merchant account and then choose Manage Mobile Users:


From there you can invite users:


Once you send an invite, they’ll get an email, and all they have to do is download the app from their phone’s app store and create their login!

Here’s how easy it is to record a payment:

Whenever a user processes a transaction, you’re notified via email:


The customer receives a receipt, either by text or email, depending on how the Intuit GoPayment user and the customer have managed their settings. This is what an email receipt looks like:


Then you import the credit card payment into QuickBooks. Simply log in, click your gear icon, and choose “Import GoPayment” in the Tools column. You have the option of applying the payment to an existing invoice or as a sales receipt, like in the example below:


The last step in accepting payments via Intuit GoPayment is my favorite. Just sit back and wait for your money to be deposited!

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