Monday, April 10, 2017

This Small Business Has Been Beautifying Raleigh for 80 Years

Artcraft | Brand Video from Myriad Media on Vimeo.

Look around Raleigh, North Carolina, and you’ll find the work of Artcraft Sign Company just about everywhere. The company has been brightening Raleigh storefronts for over 80 years with its custom, hand-crafted signs. Today, owner Jim Jackson continues the tradition with pride.

When Jim took over Artcraft in 2009, it had already been in business for 75 years. Years of sawdust and paint splatters covered the shelves and floor—Jim was in love. He’s stayed with Artcraft ever since, elevating the shop’s artistic legacy and working with everything from neon to gold leaf.

“Sketching out ideas, edit, refine, throw it in the trash, start over—that gets me up in the morning,” Jim says of his work. He also loves the opportunity to unplug while in the shop and get away from the computer for a while. “I get sweaty, get dirty, make sawdust. That’s pretty awesome.”

Jim takes enormous pride in his small business, both as a creative brand and for the history it represents. As he describes, “It’s really a museum of the small American sign shop.”

Watch the video for an intimate look at the Artcraft workshop and a few of its extraordinary creations.

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