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9 Courageous Small Businesses That Celebrate Their City

9 Businesses from 4exit4 on Vimeo.

As it rebounds from bankruptcy, Detroit is attracting buzz as a city ripe for business development and creative growth. This inspiring video profiles just a few of the entrepreneurs already embracing Detroit as a cultural and economic hub and revitalizing the city as only small businesses can.

There are courageous entrepreneurs like Torya Blanchard, who quit her day job to open her very own French-inspired crepe shop, Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes. And there’s Liz Blondy, whose pet care center Canine to Five is thriving after 12 years in business.

Welcoming Detroit’s visitors are businesses like Hostel Detroit, where founder Emily Doerr offers up affordable lodging and guides to experiencing the magic of the city. At community hangouts like Astro Coffee, Daisuke Hughes and Jessica Hicks serve top-notch coffee and pastries. As Hicks explains, “Coffee shops are really integral to building good community, especially when a place is trying to rebuild a sense of community and a new sense of identity.”

Then there are cultural hubs like 5e Gallery, which provides a home for Detroit’s creators and hip hop artists. There’s also Signal Return, a community letterpress studio, where visitors have free reign of the space’s printmaking equipment to realize their own projects.

Also worthy of attention are tasty spots like Supino Pizzeria, Love’s Custard Pie, and Detroit Institute of Bagels—small businesses defining Detroit’s food scene. “We’re trying to provide the community something that didn’t exist, and we can’t let these people down,” says co-owner Alex Howbert.

Watch the video to catch some of these entrepreneurs’ contagious positivity and drive!

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