Monday, January 9, 2017

What One Vintage Shop Owner Has Learned About Doing What You Love (Video)

Best Job Ever: Sarah Dunbar, Vintage Shop Owner from ModCloth on Vimeo.

“How did you get such an awesome job?” an interviewer asks Sarah Dunbar.

Sarah replies, “I gave it to myself!”

Sarah Dunbar runs Pretty Penny, a vintage clothing store in Oakland, California. As the owner, Sarah does it all: the bookkeeping, the social media marketing, the website management, and most of the buying. “It’s a lot to learn,” she admits, “and you teach yourself a lot.”

Before becoming a business owner, Sarah was pursuing a degree in health education while working three jobs. Tracking down vintage treasures was just a hobby—but her eye for style was undeniable. Each month, she’d open up her apartment for friends to shop from her collection, and it wasn’t long before word spread and strangers started showing up at her door.

“I knew I needed to start looking for a new place to have an actual business,” Sarah says. Pretty Penny quickly outgrew its first home in Berkeley and relocated to Oakland, where it remains today, drawing a loyal community of customers.

Sarah’s advice for fellow business owners? “Ask for support, and ask for help from other small businesses.”

Check out the Pretty Penny mini-documentary from ModCloth for a peek at the shop and more small business advice from Sarah.

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