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The Ultimate Travel Card: Amex Business Platinum

Having a business credit card at your disposal is a no-brainer for any small business owner.

But we’re the first to admit it: knowing which credit card is right for your small business isn’t so simple. There are a lot of options out there, and sadly, there isn’t a “catch-all” card for every business owner.

Instead, the credit card you use will depend on the type of small business you run.

Are you always traveling for business? If the answer is yes, here’s the good news: there are tons of business credit cards available for frequent travelers.

Here’s the one we think is best: Amex’s Business Platinum Card.

Let’s walk through the ins and outs of this business charge card.

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Here’s Why You Might Be Hesitant About the Business Platinum Card…

When you’re browsing through your business credit card options and you come across the Business Platinum Card, you might balk at the charge card’s $450 annual fee.

With so many $0 annual fee cards out there, why would you go for one that has an annual fee—and a pretty steep one at that?

Here’s the deal:

Credit card companies charge annual fees on the cards that offer the best rewards. (If they didn’t, they just wouldn’t be profitable.)

But there’s no need to cross the Business Platinum Card off your list because of its annual fee—if you maximize the benefits of the card, you’ll well make up for what you pay in fees each year.

Now, let’s get into what benefits the Business Platinum Card has in store for your business and just how you’ll make up for the $450 annual fee.

…And Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be.

If you or your employees travel frequently for your small business and you’re not using Amex’s Business Platinum Card, you’re missing out on substantial travel benefits. And when you add up the value of all those benefits, we guarantee that Amex’s Business Platinum Card is worth its annual fee.

Let’s take a look into why using this charge card is a smart move for your small business.

Amex’s Business Platinum Card: The Basics

Before you sign up for any business credit card, you should know the absolute basics of what you’re getting.

Here’s what to expect with the Business Platinum Card:


The Business Platinum Card works with Amex’s Membership Rewards points system.

You’ll earn 1 Membership Rewards point for every dollar you spend on eligible purchases with the Business Platinum Card. And on top of that, you’ll earn 2 Membership Rewards points for every dollar you spend on the American Express Travel website.

When you redeem your Membership Rewards points, you can spend your earnings on travel, merchandise, gift cards, charitable donations, purchases, and much more.

Sign-Up Bonus

When you add the Business Platinum Card’s sizable sign-up bonus to your regular Membership Rewards earnings, you’ll really be racking up the benefits.

American Express offers a sign-up bonus of 50,000 Membership Rewards points once you’ve spent $10,000 in purchases on the card, and additional 25,000 points when you spend an extra $10,000 within your first 3 months of cardmembership.

The Business Platinum Card’s Travel Perks

Amex’s Business Platinum Card has a pretty great Membership Rewards points system, letting you earn lots of rewards on your small business’s expenses.

But here’s where the Business Platinum Card is best-in-class: travel rewards.

How You’ll Make Up for the Annual Fee

If you’re worried about the Business Platinum Card’s steep annual fee, you don’t need to be—we promise.

Let’s put some numbers to the Business Platinum Card’s perks to show just how you’ll make up for the annual fee.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Airline Credit. With the Business Platinum Card, you’ll receive up to $200 for any incidentals you buy from your eligible airline of choice.
  • TSA PreCheck or Global Entry Credit. You’ll get an application credit of $100 for Global Entry or $85 for TSA PreCheck every 5 years. These programs make a busy traveler’s life so much easier, and you can take advantage of a substantial application credit for whichever program you choose.
  • Airport Lounge Access and Priority Pass Select. As a Business Platinum Card owner, you’ll get access to over 700 airport lounges worldwide—for free. And while you could access these lounges through Priority Pass, it would cost you $399 per year to do so. If you use these airport lounges often, this Business Platinum Card premium benefit makes up for a large portion of the annual fee itself.

When you consider what you’re saving with the sizable airline credits and luxury lounge access—along with your signup bonus and ongoing rewards—you’ll easily make up for the Business Platinum Card’s annual fee.

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Take Advantage of the Airline Rewards Bonus

Here’s another way Amex’s Business Platinum Card allows you to save on your travel expenses: the 30% airline bonus.

With the Business Platinum Card, you can spend all those Membership Rewards points you’ve been racking up on your travel expenses. And when you use Membership Rewards Pay with Points for all or part of a flight, hotel, or vacation, you can get 30% of the points back to your account. You can use those points back on any of the Membership Reward redemption options… But you could also use them on your next travel expense—and get 30% of them back again.

You can take advantage of the 30% airline bonus at a number of qualifying airlines—17 different airlines, in fact.

Don’t Worry About a Foreign Transaction Fee

If you frequently travel abroad for your business, you’ll want to be using a card that doesn’t charge you extra when you swipe in another country.

With Amex’s Business Platinum Card, you’ll have no foreign transaction fee.

Enjoy Premium Travel Perks

We’ll say it again: Amex’s Business Platinum Card is the best business credit card for business owners who are always up in the air.


If you use the Business Platinum Card, you’ll have access to virtually every travel convenience and luxury that you’d want and need.

On top of the incidental credits, Global Entry and TSA PreCheck credits, and luxury lounge access, you can also take advantage of these perks:

  • Fine Hotels & Resorts Program. Business Platinum cardholders have access to the Fine Hotels & Resorts Program—a luxury hotel-booking site that includes a variety of added benefits and perks for hotel stays. Business owners can get room upgrades, free night offers, free in-room Wi-Fi, early check-in and guaranteed 4pm check-out, complimentary breakfast, and resort credits for restaurant and spa purchases—just to name a few perks.
  • Automatic Starwood Gold Status. If you call the number on the back of your Business Platinum Card and ask for Starwood Gold Status—you got it. You’ll get a 50% bonus on Starpoints (allowing you to earn 3 points per $1 spent at Starwood properties), room upgrades, late check-out, and free in-room internet. Overall, you’ll get the best hotel services for your work travel.
  • Companion tickets. Want some company on your trip? As a Business Platinum Card owner, you have the chance to get free companion tickets when you buy a first-class or business-class ticket on eligible airlines through the Platinum Travel Service.
  • Car rental perks. As a Business Platinum Card owner, you can get complimentary upgrades and discounts on your rental car.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi. With Amex’s Business Platinum Card, you’ll get complimentary Wi-Fi at over 1 million Boingo hotspots worldwide, and 10 Gogo inflight internet passes annually.
  • 24/7 Concierge. The Business Platinum Concierge service isn’t your ordinary hotel concierge. If you take advantage of this service, you’ll get 24 hour access to one of Amex’s concierges whenever you need help finding a place to stay or eat. Or if you need help putting together a gift for a client in another area, they can arrange that for you, too.

When it comes to travel perks with Amex’s Business Platinum Card, the list seems to go on and on.

That’s why Amex’s Business Platinum Card has the most to offer small business owners who are always traveling for their company.

Is Amex’s Business Platinum Card Right for You?

When it comes down to it, the Business Platinum Card is a must-have for any business traveller that needs convenience and wants some luxury in their travel experience.

If you’re ready to maximize all these travel benefits, Amex’s Business Platinum Card is absolutely right for your small business.

And remember: it’s a charge card. If you prefer the flexibility of having no preset spending limit—and are ready to pay your balance in full every month—then this business charge card is right for you.

Ready to reap your travel rewards?

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