Monday, January 23, 2017

Meet the Chicago Small Business Owner Crafting Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings (Video)

simplywoodrings from Manifest Media on Vimeo.

Gustav Reyes is a ring craftsman based in Chicago, Illinois. Customers from around the world seek out his rings to commemorate their most treasured moments—most commonly, weddings. But instead of using precious metals for his rings, Gus takes a different approach—an approach, he hopes, that will inspire a new kind of appreciation for life.

“Rather than embedding the idea forever into these sacred objects, which symbolize a long connection between two people, these rings create an awareness of the present,” Gus explains. “They represent a fragile life here on Earth.”

Gus and his team at Simply Wood Rings frequently create their custom orders from recycled and locally sourced materials, including materials gifted to them from customers themselves. People bring the team wood, stones, and other organic objects that hold personal meaning and are delighted to see them transformed into wearable art. “It’s a collaboration,” says employee Rosy Torres. “It’s like music.”

Employee Anna Frient also feels the love at Simply Wood Rings. “Every day I get to talk to people from around the world,” she says. “And what excites me is how excited they get.”

Watch the video for an intimate look at the Simply Wood Rings workshop and its beautiful, handcrafted products.

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