Monday, September 26, 2016

9 Motivated Small Business Owners Share Their Advice [Video]

What’s your entrepreneur story? from Homegrown on Vimeo.

Ever wish you could sit down for a pep talk with other experienced small business owners?

Here’s your chance.

Homegrown, a business advocacy network based in the Philippines, spent time with 9 successful small business owners and asked to hear their stories. Though their industries range from tech to food service to retail, the same words popped up over and over again in their responses—words like “passion,” “belief,” “challenge,” and “commitment.”

In this video, you’ll hear these entrepreneurs’ words of wisdom for fellow business owners, including the most valuable lessons they learned from the early days of their careers. You’ll hear from creatives like magazine founder Rosario Herrera, developers like Jay Fajardo, and passionate foodies like Denise Celdran.

Could your entrepreneurial spirit use a motivational tune-up? Listen in on what these successful entrepreneurs have to say to business owners like you.

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