Tuesday, July 5, 2016

6 Things Your Small Business Can Do to Survive the Summer

Lemonade stands aren’t the only small businesses who can capitalize on the coming season.

Here’s how you can get a jump on summertime and take advantage of this season’s opportunities for promotions, community engagement, hiring, and (of course) personal down-time.

1. Step away.

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You deserve a break! If it feels difficult or impossible to tear yourself away from your business, it might be time to hire help or delegate a few duties.

2. Get that vacation on lock.

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If summer travel is in your future, get those reservations on the books—and make your vacation dates clear to clients, customers, and employees.

3. Brace yourself for tourists, travellers, and out-of-school families.

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If your business provides seasonal products or services, summertime means a boost in business. Make sure you’ve prepped your seasonal promotions, customer service, and operating hours accordingly.

4. Re-energize that business plan.

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With tax season behind you and fall holidays still months away, summer is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your expenses and dream up new opportunities.

5. Hire a student for the summer.

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Give a young person the opportunity to earn valuable job experience and give yourself the opportunity to become a mentor!

6. Connect with your community.

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How can you bring your business to local festivals or events this summer? You don’t have to sell to participate—look for ways you can volunteer or pitch in as a sponsor.

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