Monday, June 6, 2016

Learn How This Small Business Is Transforming Lives in the Bronx

Brilliant Futures Daycare: A Small Business Revolution Mini-Documentary from Small Business Revolution on Vimeo

Angela Salas’s small business isn’t just helping her build a life for herself. It’s transforming her neighborhood, providing a valuable service to local parents, and enriching the lives of the Bronx’s tiniest residents.

Brilliant Futures Daycare serves families in the Bronx, a New York City borough home to plenty of working parents. Angela and her hard-working staff provide a welcoming place where the children of those parents can play, learn, eat nutritious meals, and make friends.

Angela’s small business came from her own need for reliable daycare for her daughter. When none of her nearby options felt right, Angela decided to put her degrees in nutrition and early childhood education to work…

And Brilliant Futures was born.

Compared to New York’s more fashionable and gentrified neighborhoods, the Bronx isn’t widely considered an ideal place to raise children. Angela wants to change that. “If people just move out of areas because they want to find that nice neighborhood, then the neighborhoods that they have aren’t going to get that chance to grow and to develop,” she says.

Brilliant Futures, she hopes, will be an essential part of that growth and development.

“When I opened the daycare, my idea was to set roots,” she explains. “And I think that’s what small businesses can do.”

Watch the video for a peek inside this extraordinary labor of love.

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