Monday, June 20, 2016

How This Young Entrepreneur Juggled Building Her Business & Being a Student

MIT Technology Review: An Entrepreneur’s Story from Bagamor Media.

For Hannah Chung, building a business isn’t just her job—it’s a chance to fulfill her love of learning and stay a lifelong student.

While still an engineering student at Northwestern, Hannah started a business with her best friend, Aaron Horowitz.

Together, they created Jerry the Bear: an interactive toy for children with Type 1 diabetes. The friendly, huggable bear teaches young children how to manage their diabetes through play, helping them check their glucose levels, take insulin shots, and monitor their diets.

As Chief Creative Officer, Hannah created Jerry’s friendly design and functionality, while Chief Engineer Aaron built Jerry’s hardware and software. The duo’s close friendship has been a crucial part of the success of their business. “Nothing’s better than working with your best friend!” says Hannah.

Before Hannah created Jerry the Bear, she got a taste of life at both large corporations and intimate design firms as an intern, but neither inspired her the way she wanted. She was looking for something more.

Everything clicked, however, when she dove into entrepreneurship. Creating her own business let her to be creative, challenge herself, learn new skills, and explore new disciplines.

Watch the video for a look at the adorable Jerry and the workspace of these inspiring young entrepreneurs!

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