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The 9 Best Places to Shop for Your Next Business Credit Card

Pretty much every small business could use some extra cash to make things flow smoothlyand sometimes a business credit card is the best way to go.

The right card can offer some attractive financial rewards and incentives, while also helping your business establish or improve its credit.

But where can you find the best credit cards? There are just so many to choose from.

Not to worry.

We’ll take a closer look at some of the most useful places online to find credit card information, including websites that specialize in reviews and comparison data, media coverage of credit cards, and the companies that offer these products.

Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make the most informed decision possible when looking for your next business credit card.

4 Top Personal Finance Websites

One of the great things about the Internet is how information on even relatively obscure subjects is just a click away.

Credit card comparisons certainly fit this model: there’s an online cottage industry dedicated to evaluating the pros and cons of credit cards and their issuers.

1. NerdWallet

NerdWallet can help you compare credit cards, car insurance, and mortgages. They also have a number of useful credit card reviews and comparisons that might educate you on the best options for your business.

2. The Simple Dollar

A popular site offering business credit card recommendations is The Simple Dollar. This site, which specializes in many of the same personal finance topics as NerdWallet, also publishes an annual credit card roundup that conveniently sorts cards from “bad” to “excellent” ratings.

3. ValuePenguin

ValuePenguin is another popular online personal finance site that follows more or less the same formula as the previous two. It offers editorial recommendations and side-by-side comparisons of each card.

You’ll find categories like “Best Overall Business Rewards Card,” “Best Travel Business Card,” Best Cash Back Business Card,” and “Best Low Interest Business Card.”

4. CardHub

CardHub, is a credit card comparison site from finance company Evolution Finance. A checkbox filtering system about you—your credit score, whether you’re looking for a card with rewards, and so on—makes this a very user-friendly resource. 

Plus, you can even apply for a card directly from this website.

3 Trusted Financial News Websites

While personal finance websites are a great way to research, you can also tap into another valuable resource: online news sites that offer personal finance and small business coverage.

4. CNN Money

Don’t miss out on CNN Money, the financial coverage arm of the famous cable network’s news organization.

CNN Money frequently runs articles detailing the best credit card options for business owners and travelers, the best credit card perks, and more.

5. New York Times

The New York Times has a popular section dedicated to personal finance called “Your Money” with plenty of useful tips and statistics. If you’re looking to learn, add this resource to your list.

6. Time Magazine

This respected publication also offers a popular personal finance section called “Money that often includes useful credit card coverage.

It’s a must-read for any business owner who wants to stay current with the latest trends and developments in personal and business finance.

3 Best Credit Card Companies

Finally, business owners might want to reach out directly to credit card companies for information.

Organizations like Chase, American Express and Capital One specialize in business lending—and they’ll give you access to information about cards directly from their sites.

While going directly to lenders might not provide you with purely objective comparisons of different cards, these sites usually have the benefit of the most up-to-date information.

Important Metrics to Consider

Now that we’ve covered where to find credit card recommendations and evaluations, it’s important for business owners to understand how you should judge all these cards.

Annual Percentage Rate

First, you’ll need to look at Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

It’s important to read the fine print here because many card issuers offer a lower introductory APR for the first 9 or 12 months, but switch to a higher rate afterwards. 

Don’t be caught off-guard… That mistake could be a costly one.


You’ll also want to look at the fees each credit card comes with.

Does the card have an annual fee? How much is the fee for a cash advance? Is there a foreign transaction fee? Is there a balance transfer fee?

All these questions should be closely investigated before you make a decision.


Rewards programs are another important consideration when it comes to business credit cards.

Which card has the best cash back rate? Which one offers the most redeemable sign-up points or best travel points?

Because the competition for card holders is fierce, a rewards program can really impact the value of a cardso it pays to look closely for the best deal.

Credit Cards vs. Charge Cards

Finally, it’s important to understand the difference between a credit card and a charge card.

Charge cards typically have no interest attached, yet that’s because you’re required to pay your full balance at the end of every month. Many charge cards also have no limit. While this might sound attractive, it’s important to realize that there can be stiff financial penalties if you fail to pay off your card at the end of the month.


Whether you need to improve your cash flow or you’d like friendlier terms for your existing business debt, the right credit card can go a long way.

By exploring the online resources that specialize in reviewing and comparing credit cards, you can find the option that best serves your business needs.

And we might be a little bit biased, but we think our guide to the absolute best business credit cards will help you pick the right one.

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