Thursday, May 5, 2016

PaySimple and Fundera Partner to Make Business Financing More Accessible

At Fundera, we see time and again a small business owner who needs funding because they’re struggling to get paid from customers or dealing with their processing fees when customers do pay. Managing cash flow is a challenge for almost all small businesses. We know funding is a crucial part of the solution, but what if we aimed at the root of the problem? Like, for example, technology that helps business owners better track their day-to-day transactions.

We’re always looking for new ways to work together with companies who want to help grow the small business ecosystem. Today, we’re proud to announce our partnership with one such company. 

PaySimple is the leading provider of SaaS Commerce solutions for small business owners. Their technology solutions let businesses sell products and services, accept payments, automate billing and notifications, and securely manage customer accounts on web and mobile devices, promoting their ability to foster relationships and increase convenience for new and repeat buyers.

“Managing payments is a huge headache for business owners. They worry not only about finding the best processing rates from various providers but also matching those processed transactions to their customer data. PaySimple allows them to do both—seamlessly,” said Eric Remer, PaySimple Founder and CEO. “By partnering with Fundera, we look forward to expanding the financial tools available to our customers.”

When a business owner needs something as important to their business as new inventory, working capital, or money for payroll, they usually need it fast. Unfortunately, applying for a loan isn’t always a quick process. By visiting PaySimple’s Fundera-empowered loan center, PaySimple customers can complete one simple application and apply to dozens of the industry’s best small business lenders. PaySimple customers will then work alongside their very own funding specialist to make sure they understand their loan options and potential offers. PaySimple customers can now get funding assistance fast, free, and without ever leaving the loan center.

With this partnership, we hope that more small business owners can get the funding they need to streamline and expand their businesses. We’re proud to call PaySimple a partner, and we look forward to helping small businesses together.

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