Monday, May 23, 2016

For This Indie Software Studio, Small Is Mighty

Oomph // NMM Business Showcase from Handcraft on Vimeo.

Back in middle school, Rick Fillion and Phil Letourneau were just two misfits hanging out in the computer room of their small, rural school.

Today? They’re partners of a successful business.

Rick and Phil run Oomph, an indie software development studio. They’re devoted to building apps and desktop software that makes users’ lives easier, all out of a small office in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

For Rick and Phil, the small size of their company is their strength. “We discovered that a lot of the great products on the Mac are actually built by small indie shops,” Phil says. “If these guys can make this software that we look up to, and they’re just a couple of people, couldn’t we do the same thing with our product?”

Working so closely has its challenges, they say. “Almost any feature starts as an argument,” Rick admits.

But that close connection is always what brings them many of their ideas: one of Oomph’s apps grew out of a personal project Rick created for Phil. Their best ideas, they say, come from their own desires and necessities.

“We’re making money doing what we love for something that came out of a personal need,” Phil says.

Rick agrees: “It’s the best job in the world!”

Watch the video for a closer look at Oomph’s most successful apps.

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