Monday, April 25, 2016

Field Nation and Fundera Partner to Help Small Business Grow Their Workforces

It’s no secret: when you’re a small business owner, your job title can include everything from CEO to Head of Marketing to janitor. Wearing multiple hats and overseeing most (if not all!) departments is just part of the game. Among the many titles that business owners take on, Head of Recruiting is one of the most common.

When it comes to searching for and hiring employees, small business owners often take on the brunt of the work. From advertising positions to scheduling interviews and, eventually, managing payroll, small business owners just have nobody else to rely on for recruiting. Plus, considering the cost of full-time employees, it usually makes more sense to turn to freelance and contract workers.

But the process of finding, onboarding, and managing these part-time workers can be a real struggle for smaller businesses. Plus, hiring extra hands is an expensive feat for any business. Businesses need resources in order to expand, though—and at Fundera, our sole mission is to help more business owners access that funding they need to fuel growth.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with the small business supporters over at Field Nation. As of today, Field Nation will be offering our Fundera marketplace as the primary funding choice for its small business customers looking for capital to build their workforce.

With Field Nation’s cloud-based platform, businesses can easily find and engage freelancers, to get on-site, on-demand work done. We like to think of it as the leading edge in the changing way that work works. Field Nation is the platform that fuses traditional employment, HR, and professional freelance into the blended workforce.

“Field Nation is dedicated to the success for all of our providers,” said Tim Giehll,  ‎EVP of Platform Ecosystems & Supply at Field Nation. “We want to make sure we have a continual stream of services to help our providers be more successful. Our partnership with Fundera gives our providers and buyers access to the capital needed to grow their business, and an opportunity for all of us to grow together.”

When business owners need to get a project off the ground, they usually need to do it quickly. Unfortunately, applying for a loan is often a slow and difficult process. By visiting Field Nation’s Fundera-powered loan center, small businesses can complete one easy application and apply to dozens of the industry’s best lenders. These business owners will work alongside their very own funding specialist to understand their loan options and walk through their offers. Field Nation customers now have access to a fast and stress-free way to get funding.

With this partnership, we hope more small businesses can get the capital to grow their workforces. We’re proud to partner with Field Nation and are excited to help more small businesses together.

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