Monday, March 7, 2016

How This Small Business Owner Is Changing Lives in Baltimore

Defined Physique: A Small Business Revolution Mini-Documentary from Small Business Revolution on Vimeo.

“If you’re going to bring a business into a community, you have to make it about that community.” That’s what Robert L. Hobbs, Jr. is doing in Baltimore with his personal training business, Defined Physique.

Robert’s time in the Navy awoke his passion for serving others—a passion that’s become the foundation of his career, helping people from all walks of life achieve their personal fitness goals. “If your first thought as a personal trainer isn’t to help people,” Robert says, “you’re in the wrong business.”

As his trainees make clear in this short documentary, the bonds formed at Defined Physique transcend the typical trainer/client relationship. Robert’s trainees become more than clients—they become friends. Robert takes pride in how his small business differs from the larger gym franchises: “Instead of creating a one-size-fits-all type of program, I’m able to put together a program that works just for you.”

Watch the video for a peek into how Robert’s personal training business changes lives for the better in Baltimore.

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