Monday, March 21, 2016

How This Dog Walking Business Gave Its Founder a New “Leash” on Life

Portrait of a Dogwalker from Fredrik Harper on Vimeo.

“If money were absolutely no object, what would you choose to do in life?” For Matt Hein, the answer included travel, being in nature… And spending lots and lots of time with dogs.

Matt Hein spent his 20s working in finance at a job he hated. The grueling commute and miserable hours took a toll on his passion for life, and after 4 and a half years, he left it all behind.

After settling in Oslo, Matt discovered a need for a dog walking service that could provide dogs with more than a quick jog to the city park. Instead, Matt takes his canine clients on long wilderness expeditions, giving them a rare opportunity to bound through nature instead of city streets. “I basically get paid to be an adventurer and hang out with dogs,” he beams.

Matt is proud to offer a small business that not only serves a need in his Oslo community but fulfills his own passions as well. “Not all of it has been fun and laughs,” he explains, “but all of it has been what I want to do.”

Hear more about Matt’s incredible journey—and see a few of his adorable clients—in the video above.

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