Monday, February 8, 2016

How This Napa Valley Winemaker Got His Name on the Label

Mario Bazán Cellars: Every Vine Has a Story from Carlos Foster on Vimeo.

When Mario Bazán arrived in Napa, he knew where he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

Mario is a winemaker—and the founder of Mario Bazán Cellars, a vineyard located in Napa Valley, California. He’s been growing grapes since 1973. When Mario first arrived in California from Mexico, he did manual labor for Napa’s vineyards out of necessity, but soon fell in love with the work.

“He really wanted to see his name on the label,” says co-founder Gloria Bazán: “A tangible thing to show all the effort and all the years of work.”

Mario got his wish. Today, he prides himself on his meticulousness and attention to detail throughout the winemaking process. He loves to bring his bottles to family gatherings, and he credits the support of his loved ones with his success.

“It’s not just the work I have done,” he explains. “It’s the people who have helped me along my journey. Without them, I cannot accomplish anything.”

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