Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fun Data with Fundera: Popular (And Odd) Job Searches by State

Location, location, location: it’s not just something for real estate agents to keep in mind. If you own a small business, then you’ll definitely want to be aware of your community and surroundings.

Your location can influence your business on a couple of different levels. Where your store actually stands makes a difference: is it in a popular shopping center or just off a major highway? Too close to competitors, or too far from your target customers? Are there any environmental factors affecting your business, like a great view or a nearby sewage plant?

After that, the makeup of your town or city should affect what you sell and how you market it. We’re talking demographics, competition, and prominent (or missing!) industries.

But while certain states naturally lean towards some industries and away from others—you’re not likely to find marinas in Wyoming or winter clothing stores in Florida—you probably don’t think too much about your state beyond what permits and licenses it requires.  

February Data Piece

Enter: some fancy data.

This map, researched by Zippia, shows what job each state Google searches more than any other state does. Just to clarify: it’s not that the most-searched-for job in New York is Professional Cuddler. It’s just that Professional Cuddler is searched for more in New York than it is in any other state. (Although, knowing New York, it might be both.)

So, thankfully for the animal kingdom, not everyone in California is dreaming of becoming a lion tamer. But there are more people in California searching how to become a lion tamer than anywhere else—and if you’re a particularly savvy small business owner, you might want to take advantage of these snapshots into the lives of your community members.

Maybe you’ve got an existing business already and can stand to change up some of your marketing to include more lions, bees, dogs, lumberjacks, or… potatoes. Or you’re holding out for that golden idea behind your next venture, and might be able to find some inspiration here by playing on what your neighbors are secretly interested in. Either way, don’t underestimate the power of location (location, location).

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