Monday, January 11, 2016

What Karate Can Teach You About Running a Small Business

Hiro Karate: A Small Business Revolution Mini-Documentary from The Small Business Revolution on Vimeo.

“Who’s going to win? Is it going to be your weaknesses, or is it going to be your strengths?” That’s the question guiding Hiroshi Allen, a small business owner and founder of martial arts school Hiro Karate.

“I run my business like I would train as an athlete,” says Hiroshi, who operates his dojo with the same discipline he’s acquired practicing and competing in karate his entire life.

Like with any business, running a karate school solo has its challenges. Marketing and self-promotion, Hiroshi says, don’t come as naturally to him as teaching. “But when I wake up in the morning, I’m looking forward to teaching that afternoon, and that supersedes anything I don’t enjoy about the business.”

For Hiroshi, training a new generation of karate students isn’t just his business—it’s his calling. Watch the video to hear more stories of how Hiro Karate has enriched and empowered Hiroshi’s young students.

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