Monday, January 18, 2016

7 Great (Fictional) Places to Start Your Next Business

Who needs Silicon Valley, Manhattan, or the Bay when you could set up shop in one of these magical cities?

Diagon Alley

Harry Potter

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Pros: Open your business in the nexus of all back-to-school shopping for Hogwarts students, and you’re sure to turn a profit—provided you stay on the good side of the goblins down at Gringotts Bank.

Cons: Mischievous schoolkids, potential visits from Dark Wizards.

The Emerald City

The Wizard of Oz

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Pros: This apparently affluent city boasts stunning architecture and a relentlessly cheerful population. Forget long nights at the office—folks in the Emerald City “get up at 12:00 and start to work at 1:00, take an hour for lunch, and then at 2:00 they’re done”!

Cons: Local government not a big fan of transparency.

The Shire

The Lord of the Rings

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Pros: Hobbits are big-time consumers. Offer a service related to eating, drinking, smoking, farming, or fireworks, and you’ll be welcomed heartily into Middle Earth’s pastoral paradise.

Cons: Local workforce a bit too attached to their leisure time.


Nightmare Before Christmas

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Pros: Can’t get enough of the holiday rush? Why not move to the one place where it’s always Christmas?

Cons: High risk of having Christmas ruined by neighboring Halloweentown.


Game of Thrones

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Pros: Forget Westeros—steer clear of all those violent battles for the throne by starting your business in the Free City of Braavos. Situated on a prosperous port (and far from the royal family), you’ll be free to do business with any mysterious visitor you please.

Cons: Spooky shape-shifters giving you funny looks in the marketplace.

The Capitol of Panem

The Hunger Games

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Pros: If you’ve got a healthy tolerance for high-maintenance customers with expensive taste, the Capitol might be just the spot for you. Just try to steer clear of any revolutionary ideas.

Cons: Stomaching the city-wide excitement over the Hunger Games each year.

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