Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Here’s How to Win Big During Fundera’s Five Days of Giving

Next week, December 7th through December 11th, mark your calendars for Fundera’s first ever Five Days of Giving!

Every day next week, we’re going to raffle off a gift basket filled with goodies from our very own customers. That’s right—you’ll have 5 chances to walk away with a basket of items from some of the country’s coolest small businesses.

Enter to Win Gifts from Fundera's Customers During Their Five Days of Giving
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How Do I Enter?

Great question! You can enter the contest by completing any of the tasks below—and the more you do, the more entries you get.

Monday through Thursday, we’ll be drawing a raffle for that day’s gift basket. Just to shake things up, Friday’s prize basket will go to whoever has the most entries. (If there’s a tie, we’ll raffle it off between the top entrants.)

Here’s what you can do to enter:

  1. Leave us a review on Trustpilot.com. You’ll receive 2 entries for this 1 review!
  2. Leave us a review on Apps.com. You’ll receive 2 entries for this 1 review!
  3. Leave us a review on Facebook. You’ll receive 2 entries for this 1 review!
  4. Leave a review on our Lender Review Site. You’ll receive 2 entries for this 1 review!
  5. Like us on Facebook. You’ll receive 1 entry!
  6. Follow us on Twitter @Fundera. You’ll receive 1 entry!
  7. Follow us Instagram @GoFundera. You’ll receive 1 entry!
  8. Answer our daily Facebook question. Next week, we’ll be asking our Facebook followers a question every day. Leave us an answer and you’ll receive 1 entry!

You can complete any of the above from now until Friday, December 11th at 4:59 PM EST, to receive your entries. Please note: each day’s drawing will take place at 5 PM EST, and the winner will be contacted directly.

What Can I Win?

Each of Fundera’s Five Days of Giving Baskets will contain items bought exclusively from our super cool Fundera Customers.

Monday, December 7th: For Fido

Have a dog in the family? You’ll definitely want to get your paws (okay, we had to do it) on this one!

This basket includes:


Tuesday, December 8th: For Baby

If you have any new additions to your family, you’ll love sharing these fun gifts with them. (Not to mention, they’ll make your own life easier.)

This basket includes:


Wednesday, December 9th: For Her

This one’s for the girls. We’ve got all sorts of treats to make you feel beautiful this holiday season, all from other small business owners like you.

This basket includes:

  • Surya Brasil Nutritive Hair Mask from the Bikini Room

  • Tyler Candle Company candle from Jaffi’s Boutique

  • Gorgeous necklace from Vaute Couture

  • 3 different lipstick choices from the ladies over at Social Beauty Co

  • Pure Barre “Flex 30” DVD workout and grippy socks from one of our Purre Barre customers


Thursday, December 10th: For Him

Shopping for the man of the house is always a tough one—but not if you win our “For Him” basket.

This basket includes:

noble brewer

Friday, December 11th: One Size Fits All

Reminder: this basket will not be raffled off! Instead, the entrant with the most entries will walk away with these treats.

This basket includes:


If you have any questions about Fundera’s Five Days of Giving, email us at content@fundera.com. Good luck!

Happy Holidays from the Fundera Team!

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