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Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Finding and Securing a Small Business Loan

Here at Fundera, we try to provide small business owners like yourself everything you could possibly need. Yes, we help you find the best loans with the most trustworthy lenders around—but there’s more to it than that. We genuinely care.

We’ve got a couple of big goals we’re always striving towards. We want to make your small business…


Usually, small business owners are at the whims of their lenders. Borrowing is a confusing, stressful, and under-regulated process—and it’s the brave business owners who end up getting the short end of the stick.

That’s why Fundera was started, and that’s why we do what we do every day: so you can keep doing what you do every day. By making the industry’s best lenders compete for your business, instead of the other way around, we’re evening out the playing field… And getting you funded with the lowest interest rates you can find, outside of banks. Guaranteed.


Like we said, banks offer the lowest interest rate loans—but they’re also the pickiest. Only around 19% of small business owners can borrow from a bank, in fact. So no matter how successful your business is, or how trustworthy you are, getting funded by a bank is still a difficult place to get to.

But that’s where we want to see you. By taking on loans from alternative lenders, you can grow your business and nurture your credit. It’ll take some time, and a lot of effort, but eventually you’ll be able to secure those long-term low interest rate loans for your small business. And we’ll be with you to celebrate.


Running a small business is tough work. Nobody knows that better than you. But having to learn all those financial terms, acronyms, forms, procedures, and rules on top of everything else? That seems almost impossible.

This goal is the cornerstone of Know Before You Owe, our program to help small business owners like yourself understand everything about the loans they’re taking on, the lenders they’re working with, and the steps they need to take to get the best of both. We don’t get paid to write articles, create calculators, make videos, or review lenders. It’s all so you can make the most educated decisions for you and your small business.


Sure, we’re trying to change the lending arena from the inside—but we’d like to do that from the outside, too. We’ve always been loud advocates for total transparency, and we’ve long been working to pioneer industry-wide policy changes to do just that. Whether it’s calling out predatory lenders, getting tools and resources out to keep you informed, or drafting a Borrower Bill of Rights for small business lenders to sign on with, we’ve got your back.

Know Before You Owe

In line with these four goals, today we’re introducing Know Before You Owe: the ultimate guide for small business owners to finding and securing a loan. It has eight sections to explore that’ll each help you get funded, bankable, educated, and defended.

  1. Look under the hood of your loan with our business loan calculators, which will help you figure out your APR for any product type. This section also explains what APR is, how it’s calculated, why it’s important, and what the typical APRs and general traits of our various loan products are.
  1. Our lender reviews page collects verified reviews of the best small business lenders in the industry. Getting a great loan isn’t just about choosing the lowest interest rate—your lenders are business owners, too, so reading about experiences other people have had with them can have a big impact on your decisions.
  1. Check out our library of tools and templates to manage your business and its financials smoothly. Need a loan amortization schedule? A Debt Service Coverage Ratio calculator? An income statement template? Something else? Peruse what we’ve got—and let us know what else you could use at
  1. Or maybe you want some small business finance reading for homework? Try our Guides page for in-depth information on topics ranging from bankability, to SBA loan applications and programs, to responsible borrowing. And same deal as above, too: if you’ve got any topics you want to learn more about, drop us a line at
  1. If you’re searching for daily advice and tips, look no further than The Fundera Ledger. We cover a wide scope of topics, from best practices to best accounting software—and you’re sure to find something useful, informative, and easy to read. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates throughout the week, too!
  1. Some people learn better by watching or listening than by reading. Or maybe you like to multitask. Either way, that’s why Know Before You Owe also has a Videos section, where you can educate yourself—while meeting our team. Start with this video explaining what Fundera does, and move on to our more intricate explanations of lending terms and processes.
  1. Speaking of terms, our Financing Glossary should clear up any confusion you might have about the small business lending vocabulary. You can search our glossary, and each definition has short and long explanations, sentence examples, and related articles if you want to learn more.
  1. And finally, read all about our Borrower Bill of Rights and the timeline we at Fundera have held ourselves to in the Policy & Advocacy page of Know Before You Owe. We want to give small business owners a fair shot at success, and fighting for a more transparent lending industry is one way to do just that.

Happy borrowing!

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