Tuesday, October 20, 2015

10 Characters You Totally Forgot are Small Business Owners

1. Kermit the Frog


This long-suffering showrunner of The Muppet Show has weathered all kinds of setbacks, from kidnapping to amnesia. Nevertheless, Kermit has kept his unruly troupe afloat for 40 years—what a boss!


2. Lucy van Pelt


Forget the lemonade stand. Lucy might be a kid, but that doesn’t stop her from offering her, uh, “psychiatric” services to the Peanuts gang for the low, low price of five cents.


3. Moe Syzslak


What would Springfield be without Moe’s Tavern? Moe’s may not be the warmest, cleanest, or most legal establishment in town, but it’ll always be a reliable spot to throw back an ice-cold Duff.


4. The Ghostbusters


Getting fired from Columbia University didn’t stop Venkman, Spengler, and Statz. They turned their work as parapsychologists into a wildly successful business—and saved New York City!


5. Uncle Jesse


How could we leave out the grooviest member of the Full House gang? Jesse Katsopolis endured a few classic small business trials to get the Smash Club up and running, but after securing that small business loan, Cool Uncle Jesse had the hottest nightclub in town.


6. Fred and George Weasley


Thanks to a loan from Harry Potter, the Weasley twins turned their expulsion from Hogwarts into a business opportunity, and Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes was born: a joke shop with magical merchandise as mischievous as the twins themselves.


7. Princess Tiana


Kissing her frog prince isn’t the end of the story for Tiana. This New Orleans-born restaurateur is the first princess to own her own business! That’s our kind of leading lady.


8. Geppetto


Who could forget this hardworking woodworker? Whale catastrophe aside, Geppetto’s got an enviable life, working with his hands and enjoying the simple things in life with puppet-son Pinocchio.


9. Maurice


Belle’s eccentric father might not be the most successful inventor in France, but that doesn’t stop him from toiling away in his workshop in pursuit of the next big thing!


10. Mario


Even the Mushroom Kingdom needs a few trusty plumbers, though it’s hard to imagine Mario has time for many house calls, what with all the kidnapped princesses to save.

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